While his team may be struggling on the basketball court, LeBron James still finds the time out of his busy day to post a long, inspiring message on his Instagram, reaching out to the young kids who look up to him.

LeBron James' message

James is a frequent user of social media and tends to share posts that would reach out to many of his fans. On Saturday morning, he posted a lengthy status that reads, "We don't need more LeBron's, we need more physical therapists, scientists, police officers, teachers, doctors, professors, physicists, computer engineers, etc!

I want every kid to know there is absolutely NO LIMIT to what you can be. Your dreams are there for you to EARN. The teacher/accountant/scientists/dr/etc is just as talented as any athlete, if not more. I can't even beging to tell you guys how many incredible men and women I work with who have never seen the court but are just as vital to our success as I am. There's no way my game is what it is without them. Open your heart and mind to the world around you. See the possible. Dream big. Then work your tail off and chase it. s/o to everyone involved."

LeBron, the truth

LeBron's message is very deep and, most importantly, true. Due to the vast growth of social media, kids these days are confused.

They see athletes, reality TV stars, and YouTube sensations as heroes, but ignore the fact that doctors, teachers, scientists, and physicists are more important people in this world. It's truly amazing to see LeBron share such an inspiring message to the youth because they are the future and must be guided in the right direction.

My personal experiences

As an educator myself, I see many children today pursuing the wrong things. They are not taking education seriously and are sucked deep into social media that they ignore positive advice from the elderly. Thankfully, LeBron James is seen as a an icon for these kids, and perhaps his popularity could help rub some knowledge onto them. Thank you, LeBron. We need more posts like this in the future.