On Sunday, LeBron James lead his team to the sweep over the Indiana Pacers. In doing so, he put his name alone in the history with an incredible record. This record he broke put him ahead of one of the most iconic players in NBA history, and arguably the greatest San Antonio Spur in NBA history, who is Tim Duncan. James and Duncan have had their history, facing off against each other in the NBA finals on 3 separate occasions. Duncan's team managed to win 2 out of the 3 finals contests against King James. And surprisingly enough, one of those wins was indeed a sweep.

But that was against a 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers team which included a 22-year old LeBron with a not so great supporting cast. Either way, both these legends have had their fair share of sweeps throughout their postseason careers, and this record is proof of just that.

LeBron James breaks Spurs legend's record

Tim Duncan for the last few seasons had held the record for the most playoff sweeps in NBA history, at 9. But after LeBron James led his team to a 106-102 victory other the Indiana Pacers in game four at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, he has now achieved the luxury of a sweep on 10 different occasions, passing the great Spurs power forward in this staggering statistic. It takes a lot of focus and determination to grab just one playoff victory, but to put together four straight is truly incredible.

And that's why LeBron James now sits alone in history. A milestone that will be very hard for any other player to match.

LeBron and Tim have dominated opponents

This statistic shows truly how dominating LeBron James, Tim Duncan and the teams they're leading have been over their opponents. For a player to lead his ball club to nine or ten sweeps over that many opponents is incredible.

It has taken the ultimate focus from Duncan and James to not even allow their opponent to slip into the victory column in even just one game.

Tim Duncan achieved a lot of his sweeps earlier in his career and in his prime. The Spurs have been an unbelievably dominant team throughout most of his career, and it allowed him to carry them to dominant playoff series victories.

While LeBron has most of his sweeps in recent years. The first 5 years of his playoff career were with the Cavaliers when the King was young, and due to the lack of supporting cast, LeBron wasn't able to lead his team to many sweeps. But when he joined the big three in Miami, and formed another big three with the Cavaliers, he achieved many 4-0 victories over opponents.