LeBron James has had a historic amount of success in the first round of the NBA playoffs over his career, and he can once again prove that theory if he can lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a game four victory over the Indiana Pacers, he will pass magic johnson. LeBron James has never lost a first-round series in his NBA postseason career, he has led his team to the series victory 11 times, and will be looking to make it 12 on Sunday. There hasn't been too many players in NBA history to have the the same success the King has had in the opening round, as he keeps breaking records for his dominance.

LeBron James can be first all time on crazy statistic

LeBron James will likely make more history on Sunday afternoon when the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Indiana Pacers. Not only can the King lead his team to the sweep, but he can move past NBA great Magic Johnson on an all time record. King James has currently won 20 straight, yes that's 20 straight first round games in the first round. He hasn't lost a game in the opening round since 2012 against the New York Knicks, back before he had ever won an NBA championship. 20 straight is tied with Magic Johnson and his teammates (James Worthy and Michael Cooper) for first all time in most consecutive wins in the first round under current playoff format (since 1984).

LeBron James has passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (18) and Byron Scott (19) on this list already during this year's opening series.

This is a crazy milestone that LeBron can achieve, considering how elite the modern day NBA is in comparison to that of the times when Magic Johnson played. I guess it just proves LeBron's pure dominance over the Eastern Conference in recent years.

LeBron has many more first round records

This isn't the only record LeBron can or has broken in the first round. LeBron James has won the very first game of the NBA playoffs in all 12 postseasons of his career. This is tied first all-time with Shaquille O'Neal. LeBron did this in 5 straight seasons with Cleveland before moving to Miami and doing it for four straight seasons and now returning to the Cavaliers to do it three more times.

While Shaq did it with three separate teams, those being the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Miami Heat.

LeBron also has a record of 47-7 in first round games which is a winning percentage of .870%. This is the best first round winning percentage by any player in NBA history; he passed James Worthy's record this season. Worthy had a winning percentage of .867% with a record of 26-4 in the first round.