Does Hindsight offer anything better? When people exercise they feel intellectual, and it makes simplifying situations so much easier. It is a good way to boost self-esteem and ill use it in this article to rate the most controversial signing of the past offseason. It is not the apparent decision for Lebron James to reign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron was technically a free agent when he decided to opt out of his contract before predictably resigning a long-term deal with the Cavaliers. So there was no drama in that contract signing.

Furthermore, other players in Free Agency chose to stay with the current teams.

The more exciting free agent signings were the ones where players went to a new team, and that warrants the majority of this analysis. The organization's perspective is where this review will occur from, and the final rank will take in accordance if the team's signing was appropriate, taking in multiple factors such as opportunity cost, long-term repercussions, and short-term performance. We will also look at the biggest contracts given out by the average annual salary.

The Kevin Durant signing deserves an A+ grade

I know right shocking, isn't it? For a 54.3 million deal for two years, the Golden State Warriors added an MVP-caliber player in his prime years. Durant not only is a great fit for a team that finished with a league-best record of 73-9 and was one game away from going back-to-back, but he also plans to stick with the Warriors long term.

Here is what Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors ad to say on the Warriors Plus/Minus podcast hosted by Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawasaki.

"Obviously, I'm pondering the playoffs at this moment, so I haven't contemplated it that much. Be that as it may, I don't anticipate going anyplace else. Apparently, you need to keep this gathering together.

We need to perceive how far we can run with this thing, yet I'm certain once the season is over with, we'll make sense of that stuff, everyone. I'm certain it will all work out advantageous."

The A+ grading is deserved but not final

As with the case with other free agent signings currently in the playoffs, you think the players should be graded depending on how well their team does in the playoffs.

However, in the case of Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors, there are no questions it is title or bust. That expectation of grading seems a little ridiculous. Since in what universe could you twist signing a player of Kevin Durant's MVP-caliber as anything but a win-win situation. Possibly if Durant turned up, became a locker room cancer and turned the Warriors from a title contender to a team picking in the lottery, the decision would be a lot more difficult.

But as it currently seems the debut of Kevin Durant in a Warriors uniform has turned out to be nothing short of perfect. Alos including the fact that Durant is looking to stay around long-term, there is no choice but to give this signing the highest available grade.

Also if Kevin Durant decides to take a pay cut this upcoming free agent period after opting out of his current contract, This would allow the Golden State Warriors to be able to afford to resign both Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala. Which gives the possibility of this grade being pushed up to an A+++.