The Los Angeles Lakers have always been known as a franchise that makes blockbuster deals to acquire star players. However, for the last few seasons, they have been unable to execute any extravagant moves to immensely improve the roster.

Jim Buss tried to make surprise move

Nonetheless, reports have recently surfaced that Jim Buss and the Lakers did indeed try to make a big move at the deadline. They attempted to trade for Atlanta Hawks star Big Man Paul Millsap, but Jeanie Buss did not allow her brother to deal any of the team’s young talent. She put a stop to the trade, which could have most likely included a package around Julius Randle.

Apparently, Jim Buss was attempting to make desperate moves to save his job, seeking for players that would make an immediate impact on the team. However, Jesse Buss, the other Buss sibling, disliked the idea of giving up on the young core and sent an email to his other siblings to inform them about Jim’s plans.

“I emailed Joey and Jeanie: ‘This is the time where you need to step in!’” said Jesse. “The next day, she [Jeanie] sent an email to everyone saying, ‘If any trades being discussed include our young players, please notify me so I can sign off.’”

The Buss family scandal

This could have possibly caused the breakup between the siblings within the Lakers organization. Jeanie fired her brother Jim recently and hired magic johnson as president of basketball operations.

The dismissal urged Jim to take her own sister to trial to regain control of the Lakers, but Jeanie won the case.

Attaining Millsap may have been a quick fix, but it was going to hurt the Lakers’ future since the four-time All-Star is aging and slowly descending. Lakers’ intentions are not to forfeit young talent for aging stars.

However, they may have been interested if it was for a young, established talent, such as Paul George, who may be available for the Lakers in the near future if the Indiana Pacers do not succeed.

Nonetheless, the direction the Lakers are headed speaks for itself. They are in a complete rebuilding mode and value their assets.

They will, however, head to the 2017 offseason hoping to keep their first-round pick, which is top-three protected and would go to the Philadelphia 76ers if it falls out of the top three.

With the regular season coming to a close on Wednesday, the real fun for the Lakers will begin. What will Magic Johnson and new GM Rob Pelinka do to impress the boss lady?