J.R. Smith had played 18 minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers game two before suffering a strained left hamstring Injury. As soon as this injury was reported, Cavalier fans across the world felt anxious and worried about their sharpshooter. J.R. Smith's injury was serious enough for the Cavs roster decide to shut him down for the rest of the game, even though Smith was eager to get back on the floor which resulted in him being shown on camera, emotional on the sidelines.

This is an injury the Cavs defiantly don't want to have, J.R.

was already sidelined for a few months during the regular season and his impact both offensively and defensively was seen with him not being out there. Smith is a guy who had a massive impact on their success during the 2016 championship run, someone who they will need to help them in their journey to do it again.

Injury update:

Cleveland's starting shooting guard may be good to go for game three. His hamstring injury was initially a scare for Cleveland fans as he was forced to sit out of the rest of game two, missing the most important part of the game. But according to tweets from Cleveland Cavaliers sports anchor Kirsten Ledlow, who is very close to the team and is a reliable source of information, J.R.

should be alright.

Well. This is great news for Cavs fans. The man nicknamed Swisher is a vital piece in the Cavs hopes for a successful postseason run. Kirsten also added another tweet to this, and it's not official that he will be 100% for their next game on Thursday.

So we will have to wait till Wednesday for the final word on the seriousness of J.R.

Smith's injury, but Cavs fans will be hoping it isn't serious, as Kirsten said.

The Cavs can't catch a break

It seems whenever the Cleveland Cavaliers get healthy, someone suddenly goes down with an injury. The team has been changing all season long, not just due to injuries but also many trades, waives and signings have happened.

Most recently, Tristan Thompson just returned from an injured thumb, and while he still has his thumb in the tape he is playing through it. You could call it the evil thumb because the same exact finger was the reason J.R. Smith was out for a few months. Earlier in the season, all-star Kevin Love missed significant time also. Hopefully, Swish's injury doesn't cost him any games, and the Cavs can stay healthy all throughout their playoff run, and that will mean there will be no excuses for anything that happens.