James Jones is a long-time friend and teammate of NBA superstar, LeBron James. And he has no doubt that his star teammate is the 2017 NBA MVP. Jones was drafted into the NBA in the same year as King James, with the 49th overall pick (second round) Mr. Jones was drafted to the Indiana Pacers. James Jones spent two seasons with Indiana, then two more with the Phoenix Suns, and one with the Portland Trail Blazers. This was before he ended up in the Miami Heat, a team that changed his career for good. James was a solid role player for the Heat from 2008 to 2014.

It was in the 2010-11 season that LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined the team, a time where both of the James' formed a close friendship.

LeBron came to the team, and his passing ability flourished with the shooting prowess of James Jones. They found an instant connection. A connection which helped the team to win two NBA championships over the next four seasons. A surprise move happened in the Summer of 2014 when King James decided to take his talents back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. A guy LeBron has called his "favorite teammate ever" was sure to come with the King, and they have played with each other for each of the last three seasons for the Cavaliers. As the LeBron and the Cavs look to make another long playoff run, James Jones will be there to produce off the bench with not only his on-court play but his locker room presence also.

James Jones talks about why the King is the MVP

James Jones was asked about the impact LeBron James has had on the success of the Cleveland Cavaliers this season and the importance of the kid from Akron. Jones stated:

"We've relied on him so much more this year in the regular season than we have in the past. We've had injuries (JR Smith and Kevin Love).

Then with our new additions, guys ended up being hurt. We were depleted... LeBron's been the one guy who's playing every night and playing close to 40 minutes a night, nonstop."

LeBron is often criticized for resting games, but when he is playing he is out there producing and playing long minutes. That's something that the sharpshooter keyed in on when talking about Bron.

He told reporters that it's plain and straightforward, Cleveland isn't the same team they are today without LeBron James.

James Jones makes an excellent point about the King. The Cavs rely so much on his leadership and on-court performance to go along with his leadership in the locker room, and on the hardwood. The fact that they still finished with the second best seed in the East is remarkable. Not to mention, they were 0-8 this season without LeBron, a terrible record no other MVP candidate had when they missed games for their respective teams.

LeBron's favorite teammate ever?

In December of 2015, a lot of people questioned why James Jones happened to follow LeBron James when he changed teams in 2014, LeBron had a simple answer.

He said "my favorite player of all time." Jones doesn't hold the superstar abilities of teammates like Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving, but LeBron still uniquely favors him over them. LeBron added saying "I told JJ, as long as I'm playing, he's going to be around... I'm going to make sure I get a roster spot for him. He's the greatest teammate I've ever had".

So there you have it. LeBron will always have a spot for the 2011 three-point contest champion on his team. Even though Jones doesn't get many minutes when he does, he is always effective. And his locker room voice is always appreciated. They share a special bond, sharing the last six NBA Finals runs together, and looking to make it seven this year. There's not many that know LeBron likes James, so his comments on the King are very reliable.