Impact Wrestling has been under the name TNA Wrestling for years now, but Anthem Sports and Entertainment wanted to change things up when they bought the majority shares of the company from Dixie Carter. They then re-branded to call the company Impact Wrestling. In reality, other owners of the group were given the TNA name, so, in order to avoid giving them more money the company went in this direction. Anthem has had a very rocky start since taking over the company. Ratings have not done well, and it doesn't look like they will get much better any time soon.

Since Anthem has taken over, several major names have left the promotion. The departures so far this year include: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, Marie, and Jade. All of these people were champions at one point in TNA or were when they left. This does not even include the losses in 2016 such as Bobby Roode and Eric Young.

The losses are majorly affecting Impact Wrestling and Anthem as a whole, considering they are now the new owners and not making a lot of profit off of the business. This is why they have offered lower contracts to so many people, and saw them leave by proxy. Now yet another person is gone.

Crazzy Steve

Crazzy Steve went to TNA in 2014 and had a bit of a rocky start.

He initially went in as part of The Menagerie, however the group did not last and Steve ended up going out on his own for a small period of time before joining Decay which was led by former TNA World Champion Abyss and also had Rosemary, a TNA Knockout who was considered crazy and very effective in her role. Steve stood out here as a bit different, as he was smaller than Abyss but he was able to do a lot at his size.

Many thought he could have been an X-Division Champion in his time, but he did win the TNA Tag Team Titles with Abyss in his career there. This was the only title he had with the company, which is sad considering how unique he was. He was interesting as he appeared to be a clown or sorts but also something of a crazy person who just happened to paint his face like a clown.

Basically, the "Crazzy" part of his name was not something he forgot about. He had a lot of television time and was well-liked by the fans.

So why did Steve leave Impact Wrestling?

Crazzy Steve left Impact because his contract was coming up and while the company was rumored to have offered him a deal, Steve did not sign due to an offer he received from the WWE. Apparently, Triple H is impressed by the guy and it makes sense. However, some feel that there is a very good reason why Steve was hired. Alexander Wolfe does not seem to be working out in the Sanity group that Eric Young heads up on WWE NXT. Wolfe could be removed in favor of Steve.

Some may wonder why WWE would do this. Eric Young actually trained Steve way back when, meaning the two have a relatively good relationship.

He's also quite good as a character and WWE can benefit from that. WWE also could use him in many other ways, most notably in the cruiserweight division as he is a legit 200 lbs. Due to all of this, the value of Crazzy Steve is high and it is not shocking that WWE has an interest in seeing how he will work out for them. Do not be surprised if his name changes, but he very well could make a debut as soon as "WWE NXT Takeover: Chicago" in May.