Impact Wrestling is not known for their amazing backstage chemistry. While WWE and other pro-wrestling promotions have had their problems in the back before, with yelling and major arguments going on, things rarely go too far. When they have gone too far, problems truly began as it resulted in walk-outs and major money being thrown around. Incidents involving CM Punk and Hulk Hogan are two memorable times fans knew that problems that could have been avoided resulted in trouble backstage.

Meanwhile, TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling, has had a lot of issues since Anthem Sports & Entertainment took over officially at the start of the year.

Several people left the company including most of their top stars over the last few years like Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Jade, and many more. One would imagine that the company would want to make talent feel good about the business and not start anything, like an argument among management, in public.

So, what is the TNA damage now?

According to PWInsider, at a recent Impact Wrestling taping, Jeff Jarrett along with wife Karen were in a verbal dispute with long-time TNA executive Bob Ryder. Many assumed that this concerned the direction of the company or possibly something involving a wrestler or storyline. Funny enough, none of this was a factor. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the dispute began over Ryder not booking a hotel room for the Jarrett's.

Apparently, it is Ryder's job to do this and neither one of the Jarrett's could do it themselves.

Ryder was allegedly told about booking the hotel room for weeks and when both Jeff and Karen Jarrett found it was not done, that was when the confrontation began. Apparently a huge argument happened involving curse words and even Jeff "dressing down" Ryder in front of many people backstage.

Jeff Jarrett would tell Ryder to leave the tapings and Ryder would comply when his duties were done.

What will come of this?

Ryder was spotted at TNA headquarters in Nashville later in the week, which many assumed to mean that things are fine now. To their credit, the company has tried to push off claims that anything happened.

Most assumed that they would do this like they always do, but of course things usually are the way they are reported with this company, funny enough. Ryder has since tried to push things off even more by tweeting out "Much adieu about nothing. All is well.”

Obviously, things look to be okay now but that does not mean everything is. Impact Wrestling is known for saying things were not an issue when they were. With Ryder back to work, it does look like things are fine on his end but that does not mean overall that things are well. Seeing management have an argument backstage is not good for morale at all.