The Cleveland Cavaliers survived Game 1 after C.J. Miles missed the potential game-winner for the Indiana Pacers. It was an entertaining game from start to finish, and Game 2 promises to be the same. Let’s take a look at some of the keys for each team.

Pacers: don’t switch on the 1-3 pick-and-roll

In the first game, the Pacers did a lot of switching on the pick-and-roll. The Cavaliers abused the 1-3 pick-and-roll throughout the contest, forcing Jeff Teague to defend LeBron James on the switch every time. James simply destroyed Teague down low on the switch, which hurt the Pacers’ chances of winning the game.

Pacers: more Lance Stephenson

In the wake of Teague getting switched on the picks, the Pacers should use Lance Stephenson more in Game 2 to help on the defensive end. While the small lineup of Monta Ellis and Teague is essential on the offensive side, it makes the Pacers suffer tremendously on defense. If the Pacers go to a lineup of Teague or Ellis, Stephenson, Paul George, Thaddeus Young, and Myles Turner instead, it would make them more versatile on the defensive side. Stephenson logged 27 minutes in Game 1 and was a team-high plus-seven on the court, adding 16 points, seven rebounds, and three assists off the bench.

Cavaliers: better free-throw shooting

The Cavaliers left 13 points on the line in Game 1, going 14-of-27 which is nearly 52 percent.

Free-throw shooting is a major key to winning games. If Cleveland is going to miss so many free throws, it will significantly hurt their chances of winning in the future. Poor free-throw shooting almost cost them Game 1. Therefore, they must practice their free throws before coming into Game 2.

Cavaliers: contain Paul George

In Game 1, Paul George was seemingly doing everything for the Indiana Pacers.

He finished with 29 points, seven assists, and five rebounds. Even though the others struggled, George kept his team in the game with his efficient three-point shooting. It would be ideal for the Cavaliers to put extra focus on George in Game 2 to force the others to try and beat them. Maybe if they take George out of the game, the rest of the team will suffer offensively as well.

Game 2 will be televised nationally on TNT and tipoff is at 7 pm Eastern Time. It should be another entertaining, intense match that comes down to the wire. The Cavaliers will look to take a 2-0 commanding lead in the series, while the Pacers will attempt to steal home-court advantage and even things up.