A legendary member of the Atlanta Braves was in serious need of some help. Otis Nixon, who played outfield for the MLB team, had been reported missing by the Georgia police. The police force was seeking any help or information to find the former athlete, who had dealt with drug problems following his career and had been missing for at least two days, as of Monday, when he was finally found safely.

Missing player

Nixon was last seen on Saturday afternoon when he left his home to play a round of golf. Supposedly, he never arrived for his tee time and hadn't been seen since.

Shortly afterward, his girlfriend reported that the Atlanta Braves alum was missing. The 58-year old was seen driving a gray 2011 Range Rover. He was reportedly wearing all black, from his hat to his shoes, when he disappeared.

As of Monday morning, police were not considering foul play to be a factor in the disappearance, and they did receive some tips they were pursuing after asking for help from the public. In the afternoon, the police announced that they had safely found Nixon and appreciated the support and help from those who sent in tips. It wasn't immediately clear where the Braves veteran was found, however. It also wasn't clear why he went missing, or what state he was in when he was found.

An erratic career

Nixon had an inconsistent career at the major league level. He debuted with the New York Yankees in 1983 and played for nine teams in 17 seasons before seeing his career come to an end in Atlanta in 1999. He stole 620 bases over the course of his career, but never appeared in an All-Star Game, the most steals for somebody missing that distinction in MLB history.

He hit .270 over the course of his career with 318 RBIs, 878 runs, and 1,379 hits.

His career was marred by issues off the field, though, which were brought up in light of this recent situation. Most famously, Nixon was suspended for 60 days in September 1991 for a positive drug test stemming from a cocaine habit he just couldn't kick.

The Atlanta Braves would up playing in the World Series that fall, but their outfielder was missing due to his drug addiction. Following his career, he has married twice, with both marriages ending in divorce. Additionally, he was arrested in May 2013 when he was found in possession of crack rock and a pipe during a traffic stop, a direct contrast to the infamous habit he had claimed to kick during a radio interview several years prior.