For the Chicago Cubs, one of the biggest questions entering their post-World Series champion season was "who is going to handle Jon Lester." No, this question isn't about who will be catching him.

That question was answered early on, when it was proclaimed that the Cubs were handing the every-day job to Wilson Contreras. Contreras has also been told he will be Lester's official catcher.

When it comes to handling Lester for the Cubs, the team is talking about his rather volatile nature on the mound. It's no secret the team's opening day starter has issues throwing to first.

He also has some problems dealing with the umpires making borderline calls go against him.

Stepping into Granpa Rossy's shoes

While David Ross is out representing the Chicago Cubs on reality television, the club is trying to find someone who can keep Lester calm when the calls do start going against him. Buster Olney points out Ross realized soothing the star pitcher was something that was needed in order for him to produce the way the team knows he can.

When calls do go against Lester, the Cubs pitcher tends to get preoccupied with what he thinks are bad calls. Ross had a rather good knack of making sure the pitcher was able to turn his focus back to getting batters out.

Anthony Rizzo steps up for the Chicago Cubs

ESPN reports the Cubs have landed on first baseman Anthony Rizzo as the man who will take over the role for a number of reasons. The first is that Rizzo has turned into a veteran leader of the Cubs following their world championship.

Contreras is a bit of a volatile player in his own right.

It's possible the Cubs see him as someone who would be far too busy egging Lester on, to go ahead and calm him down. Rizzo is someone Lester looks to as a friend and that will be key to making sure he listens when Rizzo is attempting to calm him down.

The team had already started making Rizzo the heir apparent when Ross was still here. Now the Chicago Cubs just need to hope their plan is going to be the one that solves the Jon Lester conundrum.