Like father, like son. The saying holds true for Cristiano Ronaldo, and his six-year-old son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the youngster seems to have imbibed his father’s talent to the core as he was seen scoring a superb goal in a youth game. The clip showing Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. score a free kick was posted by the proud dad himself on Instagram with the caption, “so proud of my little man what a goal.”

Ronaldo Sr. who awed people with his hat-trick goal against Bayern Munich on Tuesday, April 18, in the Champions League seems to have trained his six-year-old son well on the nuances of soccer.

With a stance and style eerily similar to his father, Ronaldo Jr. scored a free kick in a youth match in Spain. This suggests that football is in his genes.

A footballer in the making?

The recent Instagram video no doubt shows that talent runs in the Ronaldo family. In the video, one can see that Ronaldo Jr. surrounded by his little teammates who were checking on him to see if he could play after a foul. A free kick was given to Ronaldo Jr., who seized the opportunity to blast off the ball past the goalkeeper. The run-up, pose, and kick were very similar to his father and already shows a footballer is in the offing.

However, what caught the eye was his reluctance to celebrate his goal. Although all his teammates gathered around him for his fantastic score, the six-year-old footballer seemed embarrassed with all the attention that was being showered on him.

Nevertheless, if he continues to play like this, he may soon need to get accustomed to attention, praises, and criticisms alike.

Ronaldo’s hat-trick against Bayern Munich

The Portuguese striker took forward his team Real Madrid to the semi-final of Champions League earlier on Tuesday, April 18, after he scored a brilliant hat-trick against Bayern Munich.

Real went on to win the match with a 4-2 score over Munich. This is the seventh time in a row Real Madrid has reached the semi-finals of Champions League.

Bayern started the game on a strong note but eventually lost to the brilliance of Ronaldo. The 32-year old Portuguese striker created history by becoming the first player to score 100 goals in the Champions League.

The hat-trick goals were scored by a header strike, left foot strike, and right foot strike. Although Ronaldo’s brilliance overshadowed the overall match, it was far from being perfect and has been termed brilliant yet controversial.

A string of controversies arose in the match highlighting three major incidents that were alleged to have been overlooked on Bayern’s side. Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti pointed out three mistakes, which he claims led to his team's defeat. He accused that two of Ronaldo’s goals were scored from offside and also highlighted the incorrect dismissal of Arturo Vidal.