The Chicago Bulls had a chance to steal one away from the Boston Celtics in Game 5. In a game where the Celtics shot just 22 percent from beyond the arc, the Bulls failed to take advantage. Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley both had 24 apiece and Al Horford stepped up with a huge 21 points in the Celtics 108-97 win.


Turnovers played a huge role in this game. The Bulls had 16 total turnovers while the Celtics had just 6. The Celtics also scored 23 points off turnovers in the game and won the fast-break scoring battle 12-4. The Bulls don't play well enough on offense to afford turnovers, and especially not points off turnovers.

The Bulls are a very slow-paced team and not a shooting threat. Their execution and rebounding is how they win games and they didn't dominate either in Game 5.

The emergence of the 'others'

Everyone knows about Isaiah Thomas -- but what the team isn't known for are the others. Game 5 featured a well-balanced attack from the Celtics. When Isaiah wasn't hitting shots, others stepped up. Avery Bradley shot 11 for 19, Al Horford shot 7 for 11, and the bench contributed. This type of balanced attack was non-existent in the first couple of games in the series. The Celtics have hit a stride that is looking like what everyone was hoping for coming into the playoffs. The type of team that can actually challenge the Cavs in the playoffs.

The Celtics still have to take care of business in Game 6, and if Rondo plays, we're in for a treat. As much as Rondo isn't a scorer, it's noticeable that the Bulls play better when he's their starting point guard. He has filled up the stat sheet against the Celtics in this series, and if he comes back from injury in Game 6 he really could push this series to a 7th game.

One positive for Chicago

One positive for Chicago was Dwyane Wade and Isaiah Canaan's performances. Dwyane Wade had a near triple double and Isaiah Canaan really stepped up offensively and defensively against Isaiah Thomas. Canaan had 13 points on 6 of 11 shooting. This is a really positive sign for the team if and when Rondo comes back because Canaan can provide some solid scoring off the bench. Time will tell, but unless Rondo comes back for Game 6, the Bulls may lose the series.