Steve Kerr, five-time NBA champion and current head coach for the Golden State Warriors, is once again in the spotlight. This time it's due to his reaction to a comment made by his former teammate Dennis Rodman. Rodman and Kerr were teammates in Chicago's white and red colors from 1995-1998, winning 3 championships together. While this may have brought their relationship closer together, they are still able to poke fun at each other.

Dennis Rodman has once again expressed his opinion about LeBron James, this time it's about rest. In his statement, he criticized LeBron and questioned his toughness when comparing him to Michael Jordan.

When Kerr heard about this he had a little something to say about Rodman, nicknamed "The Worm" during his NBA years.

Kerr questions Rodman's comment about LeBron

During an interview at the Warriors practice facility, Kerr was asked about Rodman's comments about King James and his lack of toughness for resting.

Steve turned the criticism back on Dennis, telling reporters, "I got a kick out of that because Dennis was suspended for 15 games a year anyway. The guy got plenty of rest... he just took a night off whenever he wanted, so he can't complain."

The former three-point shooting specialist makes a great point about his former running man on the successful Chicago Bulls roster. And just like that, there you have it, a once fellow teammate of Rodman just downplayed his comments.

Kerr knows all about "The Worm" and his antics after being close with him back when the Bulls were the face of the NBA in the late 90s, so it's not hard to believe Kerr's comments on this topic.

Steve Kerr has respect for LeBron James

Steve Kerr has shared his respect for LeBron James many times in the past. After being in the commentary box for a couple of seasons — and getting to watch the King performing up close and personal — Kerr has been very complimentary of the NBA star.

Steve has also said he would take King James over any one in a game 7 on the road a few years ago. Ironically enough, LeBron himself proved that statement with a clutch performance and victory over Kerr's club in last year's NBA finals game 7 at the Oracle Arena. In other instances, Kerr has agreed to the idea of James being the best player in the world.

Despite being the "rivals" head coach, Kerr has and always will have respect for LeBron James, something Dennis Rodman can't seem to do.