An Atp Challenger Tour tennis match being played Tuesday in Sarasota, Florida was briefly interrupted by the unmistakable sounds of sex in the city, not to be confused with the television show of the same name. Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were locked in a tight tennis bout when it became obvious a romantically-inclined couple was locked in a very different kind of embrace on the other side of the open window of an adjacent apartment. The amorous couple probably didn’t realize they were playing to a huge audience.

Sounds echoed over bleachers

The unmistakable sounds of the fully engaged courtship echoed over the court, carried efficiently by a warm Florida breeze. The sounds of copulation bounced off neighboring buildings louder than any Monica Seles grunt. At one point, video from the event showed a mother in the audience telling her son to cover his ears. As for the (tennis) players, the video shows them smiling even as the crowd grew silent but for a few giggles and some muted laughter. The riveting distraction came at the start of the ATP Challenger Tour which runs from April 17-24.

Announcer Tweets play action

Mike Cation, who is in charge of courtside audio at first thought the lovemaking was emanating from the smartphone of a naughty audience member – you know, some “adult video.” However, as the couple’s level of enthusiasm peaked, he too realized the raucous lovemaking soundtrack was live even though it was not scheduled as part of the entertainment venue.

As the couple mentioned above unknowingly competed for audience share, Cation called the passionate moans and groans "the most bizarre situation," on the Challenger Tour Twitter livestream.

It got even funnier when Cation realized the sounds wafting over the bleachers from a nearby open window beside T.

Driscoll Stadium were the real deal. While there is a $100,000 prize for the best ATP Tour performance, it is unlikely the unnamed couple would qualify for anything more than anonymous recognition for their effort.

"Much love to the couple with the windows open across the way! It sounds like you guys had a good time!" Cation tweeted.

As the interesting distraction unfolded, there was a moment of near silence followed by another excited crescendo. Tiafoe and others indicated they felt the performance was not at all staged.

Oh, the tennis match? USA's Tiafoe spanked Krueger (also American) 6-3, 6-2. For those who would rather have more detail on the sex-in-the-city event, it occurred during the second set at 3-2 Love 15.