The Cleveland Browns are keeping everyone at the edge of their seats, torn on who to make the top pick in the coming 2017 NFL Draft. Though Hue Jackson batted to make Texas A&M star Myles Garrett as the top selection, it looks like quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is still in play.

The reason behind this is the quarterback situation over in Cleveland. Apparently, Trubisky is looming as the best among the quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft. The dilemma is passing up on the best player (Myles Garrett) who could be a key piece in the rebuilding efforts of the Browns.

Who will be available by the 12th pick?

The Browns do own the rights to the 12 overall pick, a spot where they can address their quarterback hole. The logical move is to select Garrett first and hope that Trubisky is still around by the time Cleveland is back on the clock.

But with a thin line of amiable quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft, some other team could beat the Browns to Trubisky. The same case holds true for Garrett.

If Cleveland passes up on the Texas A&M star, chances are the San Francisco 49ers would select Myles Garrett in a heartbeat. The odds on Trubisky going to the 49ers are not that high considering they already signed Brian Hoyer. If ever, Trubisky could still be considered for a backup quarterback role.

Cleveland Browns management conflict

Right now, it seems that there is internal conflict from within the Cleveland Browns. Jackson wants Garrett, but Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta wants Trubisky. So who will make the call?

The Browns would be wise to allow Jackson make the call. He has a good track record and should be given a free hand to mold the team in the manner he sees appropriate.

The problem with that scenario is that the end-result may come back to haunt Jackson. Getting in Garrett is a no-brainer but having no credible quarterback to make him look good could defeat the purpose. If so, expect DePodesta to heat things up on Jackson.

There are possibilities to consider if the Browns do the draft, Garrett.

He could be used as trade bait with a tested quarterback in the minds of the Browns. If so, that could make sense and probably appease both Jackson and DePodesta.

The Browns announced that they would not reveal their selection until they are on the clock in the 2017 NFL Draft. It will be a decision that will lure in controversy – regardless if it is Myles Garrett or Mitchell Trubisky. All that goes down on April 27, NFL Draft Day.