When Braun Strowman first came up to the WWE main roster from NXT, the company placed him inside the Wyatt Family heel stable. There, he served as muscle for Bray Wyatt and learned the ropes. After the WWE brand split, Strowman moved to "Monday Night Raw" on his own and began an undefeated streak, which he puts on the line this weekend at "Fastlane" against Roman Reigns. Jim Ross talked about Braun on his podcast this week and said he was impressed with how the WWE has built up Strowman.

The WWE rise of Braun Strowman

When Braun Strowman was part of the Wyatt Family, the WWE protected him.

Names like Luke Harper and Erick Rowan fell when needed to while Braun was a huge weapon that seemed unbreakable. When he moved on to "Monday Night Raw" by himself, Strowman started his unbeaten streak. He beat jobbers and won handicap matches before getting real talent to beat, including Sin Cara and Sami Zayn. Most recently, he beat Big Show in a great match and next up is Roman Reigns on Sunday night at "Fastlane."

The WWE avoided rushing Braun Strowman

The WWE has a bad habit of pushing stars too hard and too fast. An example was last year when the WWE wanted to throw Braun Strowman into a WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar and have him beat the big man. They also considered having Braun battle Undertaker.

Luckily, both of those matches were nixed. Last year, the WWE didn't even have Braun wrestle and instead had him at ringside as Erick Rowan lost to The Rock. This year, there is still no word on his WrestleMania opponent but he is looking like a favorite to actually beat Roman Reigns at "Fastlane," a huge development.

Jim Ross on Braun Strowman

Jim Ross shares those sentiments. On his podcast episode, Ross said that Strowman was positioned as a true monster in the WWE. He said that it is believable and Braun has worked really hard to come across as a star. Ross even pointed out that Strowman talking was very superstar like and he compared him to Hulk Hogan. However, Ross said that he is still very green in the ring and he needs to be protected but he feels Braun Strowman could be one of the biggest stars in the WWE by next year at WrestleMania.