Jack Swagger had a lot of promise when the WWE signed him to a deal and they pushed him for a short time as he won the WWE world title. However, he has since slipped behind many other stars and hasn't appeared on television in weeks. Jack Swagger announced last week that he requested his release from the WWE and the company released a statement today that said they agreed to his release.

Jack Swagger and the WWE

At one time, Jack Swagger looked like he could be an upper-level talent for the WWE although few saw him as a world champion for the company.

He was a great wrestler, setting the record for most pins in a collegiate wrestling season in 2016 with 30 while wrestling for the University of Oklahoma. He signed with the WWE that year and worked in developmental from 2006 through 2008. He immediately made an impression by winning the ECW Championship. He then won the Money in the Bank in 2010 and cashed it in to beat Chris Jericho for the WWE world championship, holding it for three months. Since that time, Swagger became a mid-level wrestler, his most successful stint coming as the tag team partner of Cesaro as The Real Americans, with Zeb Colter as his manager. After that partnership ended, Jack started jobbing to everyone and ended up disappearing from television.

Last week, Jack Swagger said that he asked for his release from the WWE because he couldn't make the money needed to support his family since the WWE wasn't using him.

The future of Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger won't show up anywhere on television for the next 90 days. WWE superstars have no-compete clauses built into their contracts and he won't be able to show up on television for another wrestling company until June.

However, as former WWE stars like Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, and Damien Sandow have proven, there is a place for wrestlers to work even after leaving the WWE. All three of those men asked for their release from the WWE. Cody Rhodes has been very successful in the indies, Japan, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling. Alberto Del Rio has also done very well for himself while Damien Sandow has struggled to remain relevant. With Zeb Colter, whose real name is Dutch Mantel, in Impact Wrestling as a booker, there is a great chance to see Jack Swagger show up in Impact Wrestling this summer.