The Washington Redskins have proposed a new rule to the NFL that would make kickoffs a little more interesting. While this new Rule would not make sweeping or dramatic changes, it would make the kicker aim his kick just a little bit more.

The Washington Redskins have put in a proposal that would reward kickers who have pretty good accuracy when it comes to their kickoffs. This accuracy would pay off if the kicker could get the ball to sail through the uprights. No, the teams wouldn't get any points, but they would put their defense in a better position.

Proposed rule number six

This new rule, should it be adopted by the entire NFL is known as proposed rule number six. The rule says: "Moves the line of scrimmage to the 20-yard line for any touchback where the free kick travels through the uprights." This means the Redskins have made a move where there would indeed be three different outcomes on the kickoff.

The first outcome is the more traditional touchback. This actually isn't all that traditional, since the start line for that kind of touchback was moved from the 20 to the 25-yard line. Then there is the attempt to return the ball and get better field position with the run back. Now the Redskins have the third on the table which would give people the ball the at the 20 if the kicker does his job exactly right.

Washington Redskins want kickers to become a bit more important

If the rule the Washington Redskins proposed becomes part of the NFL bylaws, kickers will begin to play an even bigger role in the games. Five yards never seems like much when looked at on its own. The difference can be quite big however, if a team is trying to score in the final seconds.

Football has always been a game of inches and if a team like the Redskins can get a kicker who can hit those uprights, it can be a secret weapon. We might even see some teams change the way they structure their rosters if this rule takes hold. It might be a small one, but the Washington Redskins could end up making a rather large change to the NFL.