The four-year labor agreement between Usa Hockey and members of women's national hockey team has been reached on an endeavor to avert a boycott of the upcoming International Ice Hockey World Championship, which will be held in Plymouth, Michigan. The women's team will face reigning Olympic champion archrival Canada on Friday, March 31.

"Today reflects everyone coming together and compromising in order to reach a resolution for the betterment of the sport," USA Hockey president Jim Smith said in a statement. "We'll now move forward together knowing we'll look back on this day as one of the most positive in the history of USA Hockey."

The meeting among members of USA Hockey's Board of Directors and USA Hockey executive committee took place in Philadelphia.

The 91 voting members authorized the federation committee to ink a deal.

Women's team objects over pay and benefits

Two weeks ago, the 23 players on the national women's hockey team threatened to boycott USA Hockey over pay inequality. The American women reportedly said that they promised to withdraw the world championship games until the negotiation toward fair wages moved forward with the sport's governing body.

During the course of the negotiation, the women initially requested USA Hockey to compensate them $68,000 a year. However, they said it was much more than just money.

The ranked number one women team in the world sought to obtain better benefits for IIHF games, including inviting guests to the competition, flying in business class and getting disability insurance.

CNNMoney obtained federation's handbooks from 2013 and 2014, indicating that women practically did not obtain benefits that the national men's hockey team obtained.

Women's team receive support from executives and senators

Throughout the course of the boycott, women's team received a great deal of support from league executives as well as senators for their endeavor to combat compensation inequality.

The senators, who sided with women's team during the protest, also contained Elizabeth Warren, Dianne Feinstein, Robert Menendez and Cory Booker.

Allan Walsh, a prominent NHL agent, declared on Twitter that American players had a strong consideration for refusing to participate in their men's World Championship games in solidarity with women had the financial terms of the deal not resolved.

USA Hockey increases pay for women

Previously, the USA Hockey granted women $1,000 per month for the six-months heading to Olympics.

As the new pact revealed recent days, the USA Hockey's annual fund of $950,000 as a compensation pool will be set for the players. Currently, the base salary for women is $4,000 per month prior to any bonuses. The players are able to generate estimated $70,000 per year. They are also able to generate $100,000 if they win the gold in Olympics. The players will obtain the range of $750 to $2,000 from the United States Olympics Committee based on a player's experience.

The federation finally offers the women's team the same benefits as the men's team, containing travel accommodations and insurance.

The committee intends to work on enhancing the image of federation through marketing, promotion and public relations efforts for women's game. Additionally, the federation will establish fundraising programs for girls' developmental teams. By comparison, boys' program generates $3.5 million, while girls' program generates virtually nothing, according to ESPN. The USHL, a top-notch league for 16-to-20-years old boys, grossed $1.4 million from USA Hockey.