The Chicago Blackhawks have 15 games left in this season, 9 coming on the road. They are still second in their division, behind the Minnesota Wild who hold an extra game in the season right now. The Blackhawks are sitting on 91 points through 67 games on a record of 43-18-6. Chicago is getting ready to make their push for their fourth Stanley Cup in seven years. As they are sitting right now they must be considered the Western Conference favorite.

Biggest threat is the Wild

There is just no denying that the Blackhawks own the Wild in the playoffs.

The Wild have really stepped it up this year with three players with over 50 points. Mikael Granlund, Eric Stall, and Mikko Koivu have played out of their minds all year. Minnesota has everything to be proud of during the regular season with a hard to do 12 game winning streak. As a Blackhawks fan, though, we all know what happens in the playoffs. In the last four years, the Blackhawks have made the playoffs we have rolled over the Wild in three of them. Combined in these series the Wild have only managed to win three of these games. We have also owned them all this season too. The Hawks have won three of the last four meetings after Sunday's 4-2 win.

Heavy hitters turning it up

The core of this team has really turned it up after the all-star break.

There was some doubt about Johnathan Toews' play really diminishing at the beginning of the season. Captain Serious only scored 22 points in the first 38 games. Pucks just weren't finding the back of the net for Johnny. Really turning it around in the last 29 games, Toews scored 10 goals with 14 assists. Kaner is just being Kaner this year again.

It has been a real treat to watch the 2016 NHL MVP score 73 points this year. The work that he is doing with Panarin is what Blackhawk fans should look forward to during the playoffs.

The Kane, Panarin, and Anisimov line is considered the best in hockey. Then we have the third line play with Hossa and two of our younger players Ryan Hartman and Tanner Kero.

Hossa has been a playoff powerhouse for the Blackhawks in years past. He only has 22 goals so far this year but picks it up during playoff time. Not counting last year because he was hurt, Hossa averaged 15 points in the playoffs the previous three years.