Even though both team's three-point shot wasn't falling the Spurs still managed to find ways to score

It was a poor shooting night for both teams on Monday night as the Cavaliers shot a paltry 4-26 (15.4%) from three point range and the Spurs not fairing any better shooting 7-26 (26.9% from deep). Despite poor three point shooting performances from both teams, the Spurs still managed to find ways to keep scoring as evident by the 103 points they put up on Monday night. This performance should send a warning to the league that unlike other elite teams (such as the Warriors, Rockets, and Cavaliers) these Spurs do not need their three-point shot to fall to win games.

The Spurs' bench is ready for the playoffs

The Spurs' bench dominated the Cavaliers' bench Monday night outscoring them 49-24. The Spurs' bench helped by the double-digit scoring performances of Pau Gasol (14) and Manu Ginobili (12), who have been big factors for the Spurs' bench all season. With father time approaching for both Ginobili and Pau Gasol. Gregg Popovich has given them both a reduced role. However, these two veterans are still important players in the Spurs' system and come playoff time do not be surprised if Coach Popovich turn to these proven NBA champions in crunch time.

Lebron James needs his teammates to step up

Despite LeBron James flirting with a triple-double (17 points, eight rebounds and eight assists).

He was the only Cavaliers player to score double digits besides Tristian Thompson (11). Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, the two other all-stars on the Cavaliers combined for a measly 17 points, on a dreadful 8-25 (32%) from the field, and an even worse 1-8 (12.5%) from three-point range. This poor performance is an alarming sign for the Cavaliers as the Spurs will be one of the teams most likely to come out of the west to play the Cavaliers if they reach the NBA Finals.

It is crucial for Kyrie Irving and the rest of Lebron's teammates to step up, because if Monday night is any future indication of the Cavaliers' performance for the remainder of the season. These Cavaliers will be looking for an early exit in the playoffs.