When the Redskins drafted Josh Doctson with the 22nd pick in the NFL draft, they were probably expecting much bigger production from him. Doctson aggravated his achilles in pre-game warmups during week 3 of the NFL season, and would later be placed on IR. As a Redskins rookie wide receiver, Doctson had just two catches for 66 yards.

Big Things to Come.

Josh Doctson might have been hampered by an injury in his rookie year, but that's not going to prevent him from having a huge jump in his sophomore season. On Twitter, Doctson expressed a sentiment that should have all Redskins fans excited about the wide receiver's prospects this year.

It's just one phrase, but it's an important one. Health is a huge factor in any sport, and it's especially important in the NFL. If Doctson is healthy, he can be a great contributor to the offense and will be one of the fastest players on the field at all points during the year. And the Redskins need him to be a solid contributor on offense.

Wide Receiver Mixup.

Washington lost their two leading receivers in 2016 to free agency. Pierre Garcon, who led the team in catches and receiving yardage, signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Speedy wide receiver and deep threat DeSean Jackson joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In response, the Redskins signed upcoming wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, who recorded more than 1000 receiving yards with the Browns last season.

Washington also still has Jamison Crowder, who broke onto the scene last year as a major threat for the Redskins offense.

But right now, those are the only two legitimate wide receiver threats on the roster. Doctson will need to step up and take on a bigger role in the Redskins offense. Star tight end Jordan Reed can shoulder some of the burden, but Doctson will also certainly be involved.

Now that he's finally 100%, Redskins fans should get a chance to watch the TCU speedster in action for the 2017 NFL season. The organization can only hope he comes back to the team healthy and contributes to the team in a big way.