The Green Bay Packers have officially said goodbye to running back Eddie Lacy, and now the team has a bit of a hole in the roster. Lacy signed with the Seattle Seahawks, leaving the Packers trying to decide between signing someone like Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles or going through the draft.

Thanks to this year's draft being quite well stocked when it comes to talent, the Packers would be better served if they decided to go young and talented rather than old and possibly broken down. The fact of the matter is the best backs on the free agent market are all coming off serious injuries.

Packers targeting Dalvin Cook?

It appears the franchise is at least thinking about going the route of a young back. We know the Packers met with Florida State running back Dalvin Cook at the combine. The big question with Cook is whether or not he's going to be available as late in the first round as the Packers are going to be drafting.

If he is available, he could be quite a catch that late in the draft considering the insane numbers Cook has put up at Florida State. The good news for Green Bay fans, is that should the top running back in the draft go earlier than their spot, one or more of players like Leonard Fournette, Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey or Joe Mixon will likely be available.

Packers' two tight ends will allow growing pains

It almost appears as though the team has known for a while they were going to be getting a younger running back this year. With the two tight end signings the team has made, there will likely be more double tight end sets for the Packers to play out of. This should give whoever is carrying the ball a bit more running room.

That will allow whoever the Green Bay Packers decide to go with in the draft, the ability to learn on the job and know they don't have to do everything on their own. Add in an already potent passing game thanks to Aaron Rodgers and you have an offensive unit perfectly set up for a rookie runner to make a name for himself and explode on the scene.