The New York Jets need a quarterback and have passed on names like Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler to sign journeyman josh mccown. While McCown has shown promise over his career, especially when playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Josh has not played for a winning team in years. However, the fact that the Jets signed McCown really means that they are still looking for their Franchise Quarterback.

The New York Jets quarterback situation

In 2016, the New York Jets took a chance when they signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a new contract. After playing well in 2015, Fitzpatrick regressed badly in 2016, playing the worst football of almost any quarterback in the NFL.

The team really needed help and their faith in Fitzpatrick ruined their entire season, leading to the exit of starting receiver Brandon Marshall as well. Now, the team is putting their faith in Josh McCown, at least for now. The Jets did spend a second round pick on Christian Hackenberg in the 2016 NFL Draft and he will surely get a chance to prove whether he has what it takes to start in the NFL. There is also a good chance that the Jets draft another quarterback in 2017 as they look at trying to shore up the team for their future.

The New York Jets in 2017

The first thing that fans of the New York Jets will want to see is how they approach the 207 NFL Draft. Signing Josh McCown is a short term solution.

He is 37-years-old and hasn't stayed healthy in a long time. He is a good quarterback but has very little time left in the NFL. Christian Hackenberg didn't play a single snap in 2016 despite the overall poor play of the Jets quarterbacks so there is no telling if the Jets have faith in him to be their starter. In the draft, the Jets have the sixth overall pick and there will be good quarterbacks available if the Jets want one at that position.

However, the Jets also need to find weapons. They have a good running back, if an old one, in Matt Forte. However, their receiver options include former San Francisco 49ers receiver Quintin Patton to join holdover, Eric Decker.