In what has to come across as a humorous pledge, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady claims that he is willing to play six or seven more seasons in New England before he retires. In a funny response, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross simply said "good luck" when told of Brady's proclamation.

Tom Brady's chances of playing seven more seasons

When looking at the chances of Tom Brady playing for six or seven more seasons for the New England Patriots in the NFL, the first thing that a person needs to do is look at other quarterbacks. Tom Brady is 39-years-old.

When Peyton Manning was 37, he won the NFL MVP Award but then his body finally broke down on him completely at the age of 39 and he retired after winning a Super Bowl in Denver. Manning might have felt great in 2013 but by 2015, he knew it was time to hang it up. Just because Brady feels like he can play until he is 45 or 46 does not mean his body will allow it. He missed four games in 2016 due to suspension but has been completely healthy for the past eight seasons. Outside of 2008, when Brady tore his ACL and MCL, he has only missed one game in the other 15 seasons of his career with the Patriots. That is a lot of beating on the body. The one contemporary for Tom Brady is Brett Favre, who was 41 when his body finally broke down on him.

Other quarterbacks to play into their 40s

Not only is Tom Brady the oldest quarterback playing in the NFL right now but he will be one of the few to ever play into their 40s. Mark Brunnell played in the NFL for 17 seasons and retired when he was 41, although he retired after a tenure as a backup quarterback, something that Tom Brady will never do.

Earl Morrall also played for 21 seasons and was part of the undefeated Miami Dolphins in 1972, albeit as a backup. Doug Flutie got his start in Canada where he was one of the best quarterbacks to ever play north of the border. He got a few chances to start in the NFL, including with the New England Patriots but spent most of his time unappreciated while still retiring at the age of 43.Vinny Testaverde was another quarterback who was a superstar starter but ended his career as a backup at the age of 44.

Warren Moon broke a lot of records as a professional football player and retired at the age of 44. Steve Deberg, who only started 140 games, was 45. George Blanda lasted longer than anyone, playing until he was 48.