The Nebraska Football team understands that focusing on one year of a recruiting class is a sure fire way to have a less than successful future. That's why the focus is certainly on the upcoming 2018 class, but mike riley and company are always looking ahead.

In the case of a defensive backfield which is a bit thin in talent moving forward, the Huskers are looking to the 2019 class and recently offered California safety Jonathan Perkins. Perkins announced he had received a scholarship offer from the Huskers on his official Twitter feed on Friday afternoon.

Continuing the Calibraska movement

The Nebraska football team has made it very clear since Mike Riley got to town that it wants to make California a pipeline state. The Husker coaches apparently believe this is a state that is rich enough in talent and top of the line talent that they can mine it for championship caliber players. Early on in the new regime, the coaches and players dubbed the effort Calibraska.

The effort appears to be paying off, as more and more Golden State players are either committing to Nebraska or thinking long and hard about playing football here. Not only are top targets starting to come to Lincoln, but they are recruiting other players from their native state and the pipeline does appear to be forming.

Nebraska football gets in the door early

It never hurts in the recruiting game, to make sure you are one of the first teams to offer a player. Such is the case with Nebraska and Perkins. While UCLA has been in on the safety for a very long time, few other power five conference schools have offered him a scholarship yet.

The fact that both the Bruins and Huskers are interested in earning the commit from Perkins shows he's the real deal.

With Montana being the only other school that has currently extended him a scholarship offer, Riley knows he'll earn a special place in the player's heart. The one issue here might be just how long the Nebraska coaching staff is going to have to wait to find out where Perkins plans to play his college ball.