Last night, the Cavaliers were upset by the Pistons in a 106-101 loss. While the Cavaliers had a lackluster performance, one LeBron James did not. Earning himself a triple double, which marked his 50th of his regular season career to go along with eight dynamite dunks, matching a career high. At age 32, nobody expected King James to be still punishing rims as he is, but LeBron James never ceases to amaze.

Dunk contest?

For the past 14 years, LeBron James has been destroying rims with tomahawk dunks, posterizing players, doing 360's, and overall just impressing fans with a range of incredible jams.

But the crazy thing is, as good as a dunker 'The Chosen One' has been. He's never participated in the dunk contest. He's been the most wanted man to line himself up in the game for his whole career, but LeBron has just never put pen to paper and signed to participate in the All-Star weekend event.

LeBron regrets his choice

In 2015, 30-year-old James told the media his regret for not joining the contest when he was younger. Something other NBA legends such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dominique Wilkins had all done, but LeBron James had shied away from.

LeBron stated: "It's been some years where I said I was going to do it and didn't do it. And then actually watching the dunk contest, I was mad at myself, because I believe it would have been great.

Now, at this point, I'm over the hill now. You aren't going to see my any time soon. It's over with."

Is it too late for LeBron?

If you asked King James, he would probably tell you it's too late in his career to be worrying about joining the dunk contest, but is it really? After throwing down eight crazy dunks just last night against the Pistons, and proving he is still an athletic freak of nature, I'm not sure if it really is too late.

Earlier in his career, LeBron told media he was planning on competing next year during the 2009 All-Star game, but never appeared in the contest in 2010. Even later in his career, LeBron got an offer from Magic Johnson for one million dollars to join the contest.

So is LeBron James defiantly never competing in the dunk contest? I guess we may never know.