LaVar Ball may be just as well-known as his famous son at this point. The father of UCLA Bruins and future NBA star Lonzo Ball likes to talk a big game about his sons, much to the consternation of basketball fans around the world. In his latest comments, however, he is praising himself instead of his son, and taking aim at an unlikely target: Michael Jordan.

One-on-one versus MJ

In an interview with USA Today Sports, the eldest Ball basically challenged Michael Jordan to a one-on-one hoops game. He claimed that he would be able to take down the greatest athlete of all-time in a game back in the day.

At 6-6 and 270 pounds, it's possible Ball would have been able to challenge MJ from a size perspective - literally, no one could have beaten him one-on-one back in the day, though.

LaVar Ball does have a sizable sporting background. He played college basketball at Washington State at one point and developed into a two-sport star. He even had a brief professional football career overseas in the World League of American Football. Still, he does not come close to rivaling Jordan, and it's blasphemous for him even to suggest otherwise.

The talking point norm

At this point, the brash statements have become the new standard for LaVar Ball. His comments have gotten him (and his eldest son) into plenty of trouble this season.

He has claimed that his son is better than Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry and that he should undoubtedly be the top overall pick in the NBA Draft this summer. He also claimed his son would only play for the Los Angeles Lakers, creating a stir Ball had to walk back. Meanwhile, Lonzo has continued to thrive despite the constant distraction stemming from his father.

Somehow, it does not seem as if Jordan will be sweating these comments too much - he knows his legacy in the sports world is more than secured. Right now, he should be more concerns with the Charlotte Hornets and the status of ceilings and roofs around the country than the comments LaVar Ball makes on a daily basis.