Julius Peppers still has something left in the tank and the Green Bay Packers would be wise to make sure that gas tank is being used for their purposes in the 2017 season. Peppers announced on Monday morning he is going to be coming back for one more season. That's bad news for the NFL's quarterbacks but it's good news for a team like the Packers who are looking to improve their defense heading into next season.

Peppers is currently a free agent, but he played for the Green Bay Packers the last three seasons. While his tackles numbers have dipped a bit, it's clear he's still able to get to the quarterback and that is something Lambeau faithful would love to see again next season.

Long feared defender

It's true that the Green Bay Packers wouldn't be getting a Julius Peppers in his prime, but the 15-year veteran doesn't appear he's lost too many steps. When he came into the league he was dominating NFL offensive lineman to the tune of 12 sacks in his rookie year. Six years later he had his best season in the NFL with 14.5 sacks and 51 tackles.

Peppers has had exactly one season in his long career where he hasn't recorded at least seven sacks. Since joining the Green Bay Packers he's racked up 25 sacks in just three seasons. Last year it was clear he became a pass-rushing specialist and it appears the Packers would use Peppers that way in 2017.

Change of heart

The report by Bleacher Report says that Peppers has made the announcement that he will be coming back for one more season.

This is a bit of a change since December when it appeared the most recent Packers pass rusher was thinking about taking his ball and going home.

"I'm not saying that I don't want to play next year," Peppers told USA Today back then. "I'm not saying that I do. I'm just saying that right now, I don't know. And I'll figure it out at some point." It appears Peppers has indeed figured it all out. Now it's up to the Green Bay Packers to decide whether they feel they go their money's worth on the last deal and whether he really does have anything left in the tank.