The Washington Redskins are currently without a general manager. Scot McCloughan was fired as the GM under a shroud of controversy last week. There are rumblings that old issues with alcoholism crept back into his life and ruined his tenure. Rather than speculate about the man's personal life, however, it may be better to speculate as to who could fill the role next. These four candidates would be intriguing options.

4. Mike Mayock

Mayock emerged as the surprising clubhouse leader for the job in the immediate wake of McCloughan's firing. The NFL Network analyst would bring a strong knowledge of the NFL Draft to the GM position, an area the Redskins have struggled in over the past few years.

He doesn't have any experience running an NFL team though, which could be a significant hurdle to his success.

3. Scott Campbell

Campbell would bring a similar area of expertise to the Redskins as Mayock would: the NFL Draft. The difference is that Campbell understands what it's like to function within the confines of an NFL franchise. He is the director of college scouting and has been with the organization for 17 years - his three decades of NFL experience make him GM material, as long as he wants the job.

2. Doug Williams

The first championship-winning black quarterback and Super Bowl XXII hero for the Redskins has been working as a personnel executive in the front office since 2014. It's always dangerous to hire a loved player for a position as scrutinized as the GM role, but Williams is racking up the requisite experience needed to actually perform the job well.

1. Mark Dominik

Dominik served as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM from 2009 to 2013. Before that, he was the director of pro scouting with the franchise - the general manager at the time was Bruce Allen, who is now the president of the Redskins. That relationship could get Dominik out of the ESPN studio and into the Washington front office, where he also has close ties with current head coach Jay Gruden from the time his dad was the coach in Tampa Bay.