Over the past few seasons, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has spent a lot of time with his quarterback Tony Romo during the offseason. The two developed a strong friendship off the field and attended basketball games together on numerous occasions. However, in an interview with ESPN, Garrett said that he hasn't spoken to Romo since the Cowboys season ended in a loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL playoffs.

Jason Garrett explains the lapse of communication

Jason Garrett seemed uncomfortable talking about his relationship with Tony Romo in the interview.

Garrett actually said that he didn't want to talk about it too much but said that the fact that he is no longer speaking to the Dallas Cowboys record-holding quarterback is not because Romo is likely leaving the team. According to Jason, the entire reason is because his coaching staff was coaching the Pro Bowl and is headed to the NFL Combine while Romo was at home with a new baby on the way. As far as Garrett is concerned, he has nothing but respect for Romo.

Tony Romo looking for a new team

However, the fact is that Tony Romo is leaving the Dallas Cowboys. While some people still hold out hope that Romo could stay with the Dallas Cowboys as a backup to Dak Prescott. That will never happen unless the Cowboys hold firm concerning his contract.

Tony wants to start and there is little chance that Jerry Jones will force him to sit on the bench for another year. After Romo returned from his injury this season, Jason Garrett made the choice to look to the future and Dak Prescott replaced him for good as starting quarterback. Next year, Romo is more likely to play for a team like the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans than he is to play for the Cowboys.

The future of the Dallas Cowboys under Dak Prescott

With Tony Romo leaving the Dallas Cowboys, this is now Dak Prescott's team. Jason Garrett knows this, although he said that he feels Romo can still play at a high level. However, Garrett said that Romo's injuries hurt the Cowboys more than anything the past few years. It is time to look to the future with Dak Prescott working to build off of his record-breaking rookie campaign.