When the Dallas Cowboys revealed that they were going to let Tony Romo leave to find a new team to play for in 2017, it seemed like the Cowboys were doing good for Romo. However, then Dallas said they wanted to try to trade Tony instead and now Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he is going to possibly wait until training camp to reach a decision on Romo.

Dallas Cowboys treatment of Romo

After the Dallas Cowboys said they were going to release Tony Romo, most of the talk centered on whether the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans would sign him. However, when the Cowboys learned of the interest in Romo, they held onto their career passing leader and hoped to trade him to get something in return.

The Broncos have no intentions to pay Romo what his Cowboys contract called for and also are not willing to give up anything for him in a trade. While the Houston Texans traded away their starting quarterback Brock Osweiler, they freed up money to sign Romo but have no reason to trade anything for him because they know Dallas can't keep him at his current contract price so they know they can just wait. However, the longer that Dallas holds on to Romo, the harder it will be for him to find a new team to start for because no one can just wait until training camp to bring in their new starter. Jerry Jones is not playing fair with Romo and his future as a starter in the NFL.

Where will Tony Romo end up?

The Dallas Cowboys have no reason to hold onto Tony Romo until training camp. They can't keep him unless he agrees to remain a backup and takes a contract reduction. He won't do that and that might what Jerry Jones is hoping for. Jones has made it clear that he thinks that Romo can still win a Super Bowl.

However, if Romo leaves for Denver or Houston and then wins a Super Bowl with that team, it means that Dallas won't win and it also means that Jones will have cut a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. If Jones sabotages Romo's NFL career, there is a good chance that Tony retires and joins Fox or CBS as an analyst. If that happens, Jerry Jones can let Tony Romo retire as a Cowboy not worry about letting his record-setting quarterback help another team win.