While the Washington Redskins have filled a couple of needs through Free Agency this offseason, several still remain. The Redskins came into this offseason looking to build their defense, and, depending on the outcome of free agency, maybe re-tool their offense. A week into the free agency period, and that’s exactly what the team finds itself knee-deep in the middle of, as they had to search out a replacement for their two 1000 yard receivers, and they added several defensive players.

Washington will look to the draft for high impact players

The Redskins were able to get to sure-fire starters this year in free agency in safety DJ Swearinger and receiver Terrelle Pryor.

In recent years the team has relied less on free agents to build around and more on the draft itself, this year will be no different. Washington’s number one need continues to be defensive tackle. The team signed Stacy McGee and Terrell McClain in free agency, but the truth is they are both rotational depth players that could fit the scheme nicely, but are not feature d-lineman. The type of defensive lineman the Redskins need are plentiful in the draft this year. Unless the team is looking to pay $10 million a year for the Giants' Johnathan Hankins (a gross over payment) the draft is the only place they’re going to find what they’re looking for.

Below is an updated look at Washington’s need/want list:

  • Defensive tackle - It would not be a surprise to see the Redskins take two defensive tackles in this draft as the talent pool is ultra deep. Washington would be smart to stack up on top-notch d-line talent if it's available when they pick. In recent years contract numbers for free agent d-lineman have gotten to ridiculous levels, making the draft a necessity for this position.
  • Inside Linebacker - While the Redskins have Mason Foster, Will Compton and Martrell Spaight at inside linebacker, they still would like to get younger and faster at the position. The draft offers a couple of nice possibilities in the first couple of rounds including Alabama's Reuben Foster.
  • Runningback - One thing is for sure, no one wants to spend money on runningbacks in free agency any more. While Washington has Robert Kelley already, they would not be against upgrading this position come draft day. It will be interesting to see what the team will do with Matt Jones, the fumble-prone back hasn't seen any action since his inability to hold onto the ball showed its face again last year. It would be nice if they could trade him if he isn't in future plans.
  • Cornerback - It may surprise some to see this position in the needs list, but the truth is, when you're in the NFC East you should always be looking for good corners.
  • Receiver - The Redskins did sign Terrelle Pryor, but they will still likely target a deep-threat in the draft. University of Washington's John Ross would interesting considering his connections with DeSean Jackson and they're obvious similarities.
  • QB? - Whether anyone wants to talk about it or not, quarterback continues to be a question with this team. Until Kirk Cousins is signed to a long-term deal, this conversation will continue.

A quick look at the Redskins cap situation

The Redskins currently have $17,454,505 in cap space, which seems like a lot but really isn’t.

In all honesty the team has about $9-10 million to spend in free agency (see below for details as to why), but they will likely hold onto it. Most of the top-name free agents have already signed, but the Redskins could still sign several good players who are still available, including former Bills LB Zach Brown.

It's important to note that most all NFL teams set aside about $5 million in case of injuries or injured reserve situations come up, which they will.

Washington needs a cushion in which to fall back on so they don't find themselves having to release players to make up space while still in-season. The team also needs to set aside about $2 million to sign all 10 of their selections in this year’s draft.