With the latest WWE pay-per-view, "Fastlane" 2017, approaching next week, wrestling star Chris Jericho made a surprising return to the ring for a live house show in Germany. The man who was attacked on "Monday Night Raw" last week, was able to fight through his injuries and make an appearance. What did the former best friend of kevin owens have to say to the crowd, and did he have any special messages to deliver to Owens? Will Jericho be back in action soon, or even be able to appear at the WWE "WrestleMania" pay-per-view in April?

Attacked by his friend

As noted, Jericho suffered a vicious attack on the "Raw" episode last week. The incident occurred during a "Festival of Friendship" which Jericho had arranged to honor he and his best friend Kevin Owens. The special in-ring celebration included decorations, special gifts, Vegas showgirls, and a magician. However, when Owens presented Jericho with a gift of his own, things went awry.

Jericho was given a "new list" from Kevin Owens. Unfortunately, it was "The List of KO" and had one name on it: Chris Jericho. After asking in a puzzled manner why his name was on that list, Jericho turned just in time to see Owens quickly come at him with fists.

From there, a major beatdown ensued which included Owens powerbombing Jericho on the ring apron and smashing him face first into a flat screen monitor in the ring.

Jericho returns to ring

Despite his injuries, Chris Jericho made a surprise return to the ring at WWE's live house show in Germany. The big appearance was not only documented on WWE's Snapchat account, but also on social media including Twitter posts from various users.

Jericho made his way out to the ring, but not to wrestle due to injuries. The hobbled superstar was seen on crutches and in a neckbrace but showed his dedication to the WWE Universe by making the appearance.

During his speech on the microphone, Jericho talked about how he was planning to get revenge on Owens for attacking him. However, the talk was cut short when none other than "KO' showed up to beat him up some more. Luckily, Roman Reigns was also in the house and came out to save the day, setting up the main event fight between Reigns and Owens.

As of right now, Chris Jericho is not scheduled for any matches at WWE's "Fastlane" 2017 pay-per-view. However, it wouldn't be surprising if he plays some part in the finish of the Goldberg vs.

Kevin Owens match for the Universal Championship and costs Owens the title.

That could all lead to where most fans are expecting it to -- a potential United States Championship match between the former best friends at "WrestleMania 33" in Orlando, Florida in early April.