The Wwe Network is officially three-years-old as of Friday, celebrating its latest anniversary. The live streaming professional wrestling content service has been around since it was first unveiled back on February 24th for the United States in the year 2014, bringing with it all sorts of fan support as well as criticism and complaints along the way. The network has been under 10 dollars a month for a while now, with fans waiting to see if there will be any price hikes or new deals offered beyond the one-month free trial. However, with WWE's "WrestleMania" and "Fastlane" pay-per-views on the way it could mean more new subscribers.

What's on the network?

The WWE network is a live stream service which viewers can watch on multiple devices, almost like a Netflix or SlingTV of pro wrestling content. Each week, the WWE Network brings exclusive live programs to viewers to enjoy. Among the shows that wrestling fans can watch are "Holey Foley," a reality series based on WWE star Mick Foley and his aspiring pro wrestling daughter. Other shows include "Swerved," "WrestleMania Rewind," "The Edge and Christian Show," "Ride Along," "Talking Smack" and "Beyond the Ring."

As indicated just for this Saturday, some of the shows airing a day after the WWE Network's big anniversary hit include a "205 Live" replay, "NXT TV" replay, "Holey Foley" and even the E!

reality series "Total Bellas."

In additional to originally programming, there's also a vast library of former WWE shows and pay-per-views available for on-demand streaming.

Among them are older episodes of "Raw" and "SmackDown" as well as pay-per-view events such as older "Royal Rumble" or "WrestleMania" shows.

In addition to all of that, WWE has several live wrestling programs each week, or monthly. "205 Live" features WWE's Cruiserweight division on Tuesday evenings after "SmackDown." There's also "NXT" which features superstars being groomed for an eventual move to the main roster.

And then, of course, there are the monthly or bi-monthly pay-per-view events, usually held on Sunday evenings. Among the biggest are "Royal Rumble," "SummerSlam" and "WrestleMania."

Big events coming soon

On Sunday, March 5th, WWE brings its "WWE Fastlane" pay-per-view to the masses. The network will show all the coverage as usual, including the special "Kickoff Show." Each PPV event features these special pre-shows with at least one free match, as well as a special panel hosted by Renee Young, former WWE champ Booker T, and other personalities.

In early April, WWE unveils "WrestleMania 33," which is the biggest pay-per-view of the year. The company is likely expecting that there will be new subscribers who sign up for the "Fastlane" event so they can also enjoy the big "WrestleMania" weekend on the network. If customers are happy over that one month period, it could translate into continuing subscribers, which means, in the words of Shane McMahon's theme song, "Here comes the money."