Earlier this season, Georgetown lost an inexcusable game to Arkansas State in front of a raucous home crowd at McDonough arena. On Wednesday night, Georgetown lost another inexplicable game at home to Depaul as a 13.5 point favorite. Despite the poor year, the Hoyas were still on the bubble thanks to its historical weakness. This loss pretty much ends any tournament hopes the team might have had and should result in the termination of John Thompson.

A Broken System.

The Georgetown Hoyas play in an outdated Princeton offense that limits the general ability of the offense to score points.

The offense is too slow for today's game and relies far too much on backdoor courts, which have become predictable. This predictability allows teams to create multiple turnovers by simply being in the right place at the right time. This system was originally developed to help mid-major schools compete with conference powerhouses like Georgetown, but it doesn't have a place in the game when a team is as athletic as Georgetown.

Three Point Percentage.

It's time to recognize that the makeup of the recruits at Georgetown needs to change. It's great that the team has so many physical players who can drive to the basket, but you also need a change of pace player as well. Georgetown shot just 23% from three point range, an alarming trend that also doomed them against Seton Hall.

If the Hoyas want to perform better, they're going to need to start recruiting some knockdown three point shooters who can improve upon the atrocious three point shooting from the entire team recently.

What Needs to Happen for John Thompson to be Fired?

Even in this rough season, the Hoyas have wins against Oregon, Syracuse, and Creighton.

Those sneaky good wins could have been enough for Georgetown to sneak into the tournament if they managed to win at home against Villanova. But a home loss against a really bad 9-19 DePaul team means that there's almost no chance they make the tournament. If the Hoyas lose two of their next three games, they will again not make the NIT.

That's two years in a row! And it's not like Thompson was delivering results in previous tournament years either. It's time to fire the man who is leading Georgetown to another embarrassing season below .500 and look for a replacement.