Even though New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a friend of President Donald Trump, he is still standing behind his team in what some are taking as a direct insult to the POTUS. Some of the team members have declined the invitation to the White House after their spectacular Super Bowl win. Trump might have taken the decline personally, but Kraft doesn’t think it is that big of a deal.

This is not the first time players have declined White House invite

Kraft doesn’t think it is any big deal that several of the Patriots will not be visiting the White House in May or June of this year.

He even told the Today Show that it wasn’t the first time that some of the players had passed on the trip to DC, but the media didn’t try to make a big deal out of it like they are now. Two years ago, Tom Brady didn’t make the trip and nobody was causing a media stir over that.

The Patriots just won their 5th Super Bowl and should be celebrating. Instead, they are coming under media fire for some of the team members saying they will not visit the White House. Some say they have “been there, done that,” while others have other commitments. A few have stated it is because Donald Trump is President.

We are still the land of the free

Kraft is not letting his friendship with Trump sway how he feels about the few Patriots who will not be making the trip.

According to his statement on the "Today Show," Kraft felt that they were privileged to have the opportunity to go, “But this is America. We’re all free to do what is best for us.”

The Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was anything but ordinary, some even called it scandalous. Trump, though he won the election and is now POTUS, is still under fire for the decisions he has been making since he took the oath of office.

Team members of the Patriots are not the only ones who have refused a White House visit. Many entertainers declined the offer to perform at the inauguration ceremony, and some of the top designers refused to work with Melania Trump to deck her out for both the inauguration and the events that took place that weekend.