For those who keep on tracking the game of tennis, the first reaction when they hear the name of Nick Kyrgios being pronounced is to show a sample of disbelief or mistrust. A young tennis star a few years ago, he is yet to confirm his tremendous potential. We all know how tennis is one of those sports where sportsmanship and respect always come first. Those qualities are part of the common law of tennis. But the 21-years-old player sees everything in a different manner. In the closing stages of 2016, he was fined for not properly defending his chances during a match.

He missed the warm-up for the first Grand Slam of the year, and his Australian Open performance was below expectations even though it was played in front of his own fans.

The ATP event from Marseille

This week., this rebellious child of the ATP circuit, is playing in Marseille, France, an indoor tournament which he won last year. As the defending champion, the world no. 16 and the 3rd seed, he is trying to bounce back. At the end of 2016, he was close to breaking into the top 10 for the first time in his career. In Marseille, he received a bye in the first round. His debut match was a straight sets victory over Malek Jaziri (49 ATP) 6-4 6-3 which he accomplished in an hour of play.

Kyrgios not 100 % for tennis

While his form is not up to par, and his commitment subject to questioning, his skill on the tennis court is remarkable. His big service game makes him a danger to everyone involved in the professional men's circuit. But to get to the top always requires that extra something, it could be about hard working during the training session, lifestyle choices, or even luck when it is needed.

If another Tennis Player would be walking in Kyrgios' shoes, he might be quite pleased -- to float around the top 10 for a while while you're in the early 20's is a good foundation for a prodigious future. But he is made of a different material. He already reached a level of self-sufficiency that might prevent him from further success.

Nowadays, a top tennis player must grow every day, the learning process never ends. Just analyze what Federer just did a couple of weeks ago. A poor backhand, a soft spot was all of a sudden turned into a genuine weapon of attack.