Bulls for Carmelo Anthony?

With NBA Trade Rumors in full swing, Carmelo Anthony has been a prime topic of discussion with the February 23rd trade deadline quickly approaching. Still, with Carmelo Anthony's no-trade clause firmly in place with the New York Knicks, that means that the organization itself cannot move him. Ultimately, the only way that he leaves the New York Knicks is if he chooses to do so. That said, with the trade deadline coming up, it wouldn't be out of the question for Carmelo Anthony to be on the move -- stranger things have happened at the NBA trade deadline in the past.

Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler recruiting Carmelo Anthony?

The Chicago Sun Times recently reported that Chicago Bulls' franchise player (Jimmy Butler) reached out to the New York Knicks star in what Jimmy Butler called a "catch-up." call. On the surface, this might appear to be just a casual call among friends. After all, NBA players can have fellow players as friends, can't they? Still, if you look a little deeper, there are definitely some threads worth pulling.

Prior to Melo re-signing with the Knicks, there were reports that seemed to suggest that Melo had the Chicago Bulls pegged as his second team of choice. Melo is 32-years-old, quickly approaching the twilight of his NBA career, and his championship window (if any) is closing.

When you put all of this together, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine Jimmy Butler suggesting to his friend that he should come join him in Chicago. As things currently stand, the Bulls are not exactly in any position to start competing for a championship, however, they are in a better position than the New York Knicks (at least as far as standings go, anyway).

Ultimately, both the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks are having abysmal seasons. If something doesn't change, both franchises are on the fast track to lottery land. While we won't know anything definitively until the NBA trade deadline comes and goes, look for NBA trade rumors to heat up as the deadline gets closer.