What's the latest for the Indiana Pacers?

In recent months, Indiana Pacers All-Star and franchise player Paul George has been the subject of numerous NBA trade talks and potential trade package scenarios. The fact remains that Paul George is one of the top players in the league, and has managed to come back stronger since breaking his leg a few years ago.

Still, even with a renewed Paul George, even a player as skilled as he is cannot elevate an entire franchise on his shoulders alone without some help. In the latest NBA Trade Rumors, it appears that Indiana has listened, and, instead of trying to trade away their franchise player, it seems that they are instead looking for pieces to help him out moving forward.

Who are the Pacers eyeing to come to Indiana?

At the time of this writing, the Indiana Pacers have a record of 29-28, and, at just one game above .500, they need all the help they can get moving forward -- especially when one considers the fact that the Indiana Pacers are currently in the midst of a 6-game skid. According to CBS Sports, the Indiana Pacers have a 2017 first round pick that they'd be willing to part with if it means giving Paul George some much-needed help.

The recent moves that the franchise has made has done little, ultimately, to improve the team's overall standing. At the end of the day, franchises in the East have no choice but to be mindful of teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics, and the Toronto Raptors.

If middle to lower-tier teams want to have any hope of competing in their conference and progressing beyond lottery land or middle-of-the-pack mediocrity, any future moves must be viewed through the lens of competing with -- and hopefully beating -- these top teams.

Youngster Myles Turner has been the one bright spot for the Indiana Pacers in recent years, and he is certainly going to be the face of the future in the coming years.

Still, even with that prospect, that does little to help the Pacers in the now. Ultimately, with only a few days left until the February 23rd NBA trade deadline, we will all know what happens soon enough.