Kyrie Irving has officially joined the ranks of professional athletes who appear to hold some of the strangest of world views for no other reason than they want to make some headlines. That's a rather odd approach considering the Cleveland Cavalier is making plenty of headlines for the way he plays the game of basketball. The star made some comments in the last couple of days that has raised more than a few eyebrows because he claimed he "knew" the earth is flat. These comments are not unheard of, but generally people with a spotlight the size of Irving's don't say these kinds of things out loud.

Kyrie Irving isn't serious

While some people were willing to give Irving the benefit of the doubt and hoped the NBA star was just kidding, there were others who believed he was dead serious. The player came out in the last few days talking about how he understands the science around this sort of thing is settled but he's shocked that there are people who think that discussing that the earth isn't round is worth the time and energy.

“It would be scientifically impossible, which I’m totally aware of that,” Irving said Saturday at a practice for Sunday’s All-Star Game. “I just feel like the fact it’s even a conversation is hilarious. That that could actually be news. It’s hilarious." He seemed to be stupefied that his comments had become such a story in the first place.

Lebron James doesn't care what Kyrie Irving thinks about this

This is exactly the kind of thing that some teammates would get annoyed with because it distracts from the Cleveland Cavaliers trying to win a basketball game. One person who simply doesn't care that Irving's comments have gotten a lot of attention is LeBron James.

According to the legendary player, “Kyrie is my little brother. If he decides the Earth is flat, that’s okay," he told the Washington Post.

Despite the rather encouraging words, according to the Washington Post, it's still interesting that these kinds of comments were spoken and taken seriously.