The New York Knicks can't catch a break this season. When it seemed like everything was fine after nobody was moved after trade deadlines, even though many of their player's names were rumored, the Knicks got some bad news. Joakim Noah, who was signed to the team this season, will undergo surgery on his knee today that will likely end his season. To make matters worse, the Knicks waive dguard Brandon Jennings. Both players were signed in the offseason, and the fruits they have produced were sour and depressing.

What have you done for me?

Joakim Noah was brought in to be a physical presence on defense for the Knicks.

He played in 46 games for the Knicks, starting in all of those games. So are the Knicks losing something if Noah is gone for the remainder of the season? Honestly, they won't be missing anything at all. Noah has underperformed all season, and his stats are the proof. He is averaging a measly 5 points and 9 boards a game. He has missed time due to the knee injury, and it looks like he won't be back this season. The exact timetable for his return will be known after the surgery.

Brandon Jennings was waived early Monday afternoon, as he made it known earlier in the month he had the desire to play for a title contender. Jennings is having a so-so season, averaging almost 9 points, and has a team-high 4.9 assist.

He signed a one-year $5 million deal with the Knicks this offseason. Jennings played for the Bucks, Pistons and Magic prior to joining the Knicks. He showed glimpses of the old, shake'n bake Brandon Jennings, but the were only once a blue moon. The Wizards are one of the teams interested in signing Jennings.

So Phil...

With these recent moves, the Knicks are looking more and more like a mess of a franchise.

Their season hasn't been worth remembering, at a record of 24-35 and with negative news swirling around. The man who is to blame, is Knicks president Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson is the one who brought in Noah on a 4-year $72 million contract. Everyone knew that he wasn't worth that much money. He was only brought in for defensive physicality, and he has no offense.

He also brought Jennings in on a one-year deal, which seems to have backfired on him as well. So I ask Phil Jackson, what on earth are you doing? He has been there as president for years, and what has he been other than lazy? A robber. He has robbed the Knicks of $12 million a year, and he needs to go. Phil has been critical of their star Carmelo Anthony, made terrible acquisitions, and has had more twitter fingers than Meek Mill when he had the beef with Drake. Jackson is a legendary coach, but he has been a awful front office executive. Time for him to go.