Donald Trump supporters could be viewed as enigmatic. Here's a politician with numerous allegations against him for mistreatment of women and one who has clearly indicated what side of the fence he's on when it comes to treatment of immigrants, especially illegal ones. Arguably the policies that Trump has signed off on since taking over as president are not surprising ones. For that reason, when it comes to Trump supporters that now regret voting for him you have to wonder what they were thinking in the first place.

Trump supporters were blind

A good place to stay on top of Trump-voter remorse can be found on Twitter.

An account named "Trump Regrets" (@Trump_Regrets) aims to re-tweet the mournful remarks made by "everyone who regrets voting for Trump." For those that both read the tweets and who followed politics closely during the campaigning, you can't help but wonder what the regretful tweeters expected out of Trump? They must not have taken a lot of comments that he made seriously after announcing his bid to become president.

Some of the re-tweets from "Trump Regrets" don't depict people that are specific with what it is exactly that they don't like about the president. However, some make it clear what they are not liking by replying to what Trump himself tweeted.

Muslim policies a big deal

Of course the big news with Trump of late is his recent stance on what has become known as the Muslim Ban.

Needless to say anyone with connections to the Muslim community can't feel too great about Trump, even among the contingent of people that voted for him. Trump also seems to equate immigrants with refugees at times, another issue that some of his former supporters seem to have a problem with.

Trump is viewed as childish

Donald Trump also strikes a lot of people as juvenile.

For example, in a late January article Maureen Dowd called Trump "The 70-year-old 7-year-old" in an article she wrote for the New York Times (January 28th). The clever remark could be taken as comedic due to the absurd insight it has if not for the fact that Trump holds the world's most powerful office. A lot of the retweets with "Trump Regrets" suggest that the view of Trump as petty, juvenile, and immature is widely spread.

Interestingly enough, Trump never had the popular vote to start with so resisting him was never about getting superior numbers. The president won the election through the electoral college system which does not require 50% plus one voter to win. Given how unpopular he was the day he took office, if his support network is crumbling then one has to wonder if America is heading toward a period of civil disobedience that might even be greater than what the country saw in the 1960s.