Dexter Fowler has never been someone who was afraid to hide his true feelings about an issue. That doesn't mean the former Chicago Cub and current St. Louis Cardinal has ever been particularly controversial, but he'll speak his mind when he has something to say. While the Cardinals' fans consider themselves some of the best in the sports world, it appears a few of them had a problem with Fowler voicing his opinion about the recent travel ban the Trump administration put into place.

'Its huge'

Dexter Fowler didn't come out both guns blazing against the Trump administration or its Muslim travel ban.

Instead the outfielder, who is coming off his first World Series championship with the Chicago Cubs made it clear he had a problem with the wide-ranging way in which the Trump administration Muslim ban was written. He touched on the effect the ban was going to have on families, showing an empathy many baseball fans can relate to.

When he heard about the travel ban he issued the following quote, "It's huge. Especially any time you're not able to see your family, it's unfortunate." While that doesn't appear to be all that controversial, it appears there were plenty of Cardinals fans that had a real problem with Dexter Fowler making those comments.

'Athletes are humans'

Some of the reactions, as Bleed Cubbie Blue pointed out, to Dexter Fowler's comments were among those you might have heard in the deep south in the 1950's and 1960's.

In other words, they weren't acceptable and shouldn't be repeatable. What made the situation worse is that a lot of the comments were coming from Cardinals fans themselves.

Among the most prominent comments made, were that because a large popular of Cardinals fans were also Donald Trump fans, Fowler should keep his mouth shut about his political opinions.

In typical Fowler fashion, he responded with class and dignity, while still very much getting his point across. The outfielder tweeted out his reaction to the backlash and it's a safe bet other baseball players around the league cheered the Tweet above.