Super Bowl LI is just days away, and fans of the Patriots and Falcons are eagerly anticipating a great game never realizing the time and effort behind the scene to secure their safety before, during and after the game. Security is always a number one priority when it comes to big events, no matter where they happen but this year because of recent events in the political arena Houston has been witness to anti-Trump nonsensical protests in their streets, protest is expected to continue throughout the week. The mayor of Houston stated that he was determined to make sure that all events connected to the Super Bowl LI and all protest activities would be conducted in a well organized and safe way.

Securing land and air

Houston Police Department has partnered with local, state and all federal agencies to assure that security will be provided throughout NRG Stadium in Houston as well as for the variety of festivals that lead up to Super Bowl LI. Black Hawk helicopters and other aircraft have been ordered to protect the 10 mile radius no-fly zone, Transportation Security Administration will have over 100 officers to ensure security for fans traveling in for the game, TSA's team also includes transportation security specialist and passenger canine teams that will scan and inspect passengers and luggage at all the airports.

Security ready for counterfeit goods

FBI officers will be busy looking out, investigating and handling criminal activity in and around NRG Stadium, they will also be ready for any possible terrorist threats.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection and ICE will also be on the outlook for counterfeit vendors of game-related sports items, assuring the fans that any Super Bowl LI related memorabilia are authentic and official. CBP officers will be conducting inspection and scanning of all cargo entering the stadium by way of truck and vehicle.

They will also be on the lookout for narcotics, weapons, and explosives.

No stone unturned

Businesses and hotels have also stepped up security due to the anticipated senseless paid protests and to assure that they will be ready for any unexpected occurrences. Law enforcement and the FBI are prepared to make the arrest for human trafficking and forced prostitution that is known to increase at this sort of event.