Michael Bisping was often seen by many as somewhat of a gatekeeper for the UFC up until last year. Despite currently holding the record for most fights and wins in UFC history, until last Summer, Bisping had never received his chance to compete for UFC gold, often coming out on the losing end of number one contender fights every time he came close to receiving his long-desired title shot. However, this narrative changed last year when 'The Count' finally received his first UFC title fight after over a decade with the organization.

Bisping stepped up on short notice to fight for UFC gold

Bisping stepped up on just 14 days notice to replace the injured Chris Weidman at UFC 199, in a middleweight title bout which would see the "Ultimate Fighter 3" winner face-off against old adversary and recently crowned middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold, in Inglewood, California. Rockhold made short work of Bisping the first time the two met a little less than two years prior, after submitting the Brit via guillotine choke in the second round of their bout in November 2015. Given the result of their first contest, the fact that Bisping had taken the fight on two weeks notice, and the bout was taking place in Rockhold's native California, Bisping went into the fight as a heavy underdog.

Lisping shocked the world to win UFC gold

In one of the most shocking upsets in recent UFC history, Bisping managed to defy the odds and knock-out the American Kickboxing Academy product in the first round and achieve his long, hard-fought dream of being crowned a UFC champion. Bisping went on to successfully defend his UFC middleweight title last October with a controversial decision victory over long term rival, and the now retired Dan Henderson, with many criticizing 'The Count' for taking the fight with the declining Henderson instead of facing off against more worthy contenders who were waiting in the wings.

Bisping vs. Romero

Following his stunning win via flying knee over former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 205 in New York, it seemed as though Olympic silver medalist Yoel Romero had cemented his place as Bisping's next opponent for the UFC belt. However, it now seems as though Bisping may have other ideas.

Bisping wants 'the biggest money fight' possible

Lisping (who is currently recovering from knee surgery) told Champions.co that although he was not opposed to meeting Romero for his next title defense, his main focus was on facing-off against an opponent who would grant him the biggest PPV numbers. "I want the biggest fight I can get. I don't mind facing number one contenders but at this stage of my career I've fought the best guys forever. I want the biggest fight it can possibly be. By biggest, I mean the biggest money generating fight I can possibly have." he said. Bisping added that if Yoel Romero was the biggest fight out there for him, then he would gladly take it, however, he was also not opposed to fighting other challengers such as Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre (GSP) both of which generate stronger Pay-Per-View numbers.

Following the criticizm Bisping received for accepting the Henderson fight, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the UFC middleweight division reacts to Bisping's latest comments. Bisping in the past stated that he would not face Romero due to his previous doping issues with USADA, before changing his stance on a potential match-up following the Cuban Olympians victory over Weidman in Madison Square Garden late last year.