It is unfortunate for teams with 11-5 or 13-3 records in the NFC. NFL franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants have posted their best record in years. Enter Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He is the hottest quarterback in the league right now who snapped the Cowboys and Giants' winning streak.

Rodgers' Amazing Performance.

Rodgers' sideline throw to Jared Cook on 3rd and 20 with 12 seconds left this past Sunday put field goal kicker Mason Crosby in his sweet spot. Cook's 36-yard reception helped Crosby kick a game winning 51-yard field goal that sent the Cowboys packing their bags.

Both plays canceled out Dak Prescott moving his team down the field a few plays before. Dan Bailey had kicked a game-tying score before Rodgers finished the final drive of the game.

Stunned Cowboys fans knew the Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot magic died for 2017. How did it happen? Aaron Rodgers has been on super fire since last season. The odds of making a Hail Mary throw are low. Rodgers' Hail Mary record is 3 out of 7. That puts his success rate at 42%. Rodgers' percentage is miraculous, a defying of the odds that not even Tom Brady has managed in his career. In last week's Wildcard game against the Giants, Rodgers hurled a pass into the endzone at the end of the first half. Somehow, Randall Cobb hauled it in at the back of the endzone for a touchdown.

Rodgers' Golden Arm Does It All

Rodgers has the golden arm right now. His athleticism and ability to place the ball into places where only a mouse can fit is uncanny. The quarterback has accuracy, scrambling ability, and more luck than a four-leaf clover. According to, Rodgers re-adjusted his final play in the huddle of the Dallas game, which helped advance them into the NFC championship match against the Atlantic Falcons this week-end.

Can Aaron Rodgers work his magic against quarterback Matt Ryan? Ryan and the Falcons have the highest scoring offense in the league. Rodgers versus Ryan is slated to create some touchdown fireworks. However, most people are probably placing all of their chips on Aaron Rodgers pulling out a victory.

May the best Hail Mary win.