The College Football Playoffs 2016 rankings have shifted a bit after Saturday's Michigan vs. Ohio State game. In the big game this past weekend, the Buckeyes were victorious in double overtime. For a while, Michigan had looked like a potential contender. Now with the Wolverines' loss, it has moved them away from the playoff picture, giving a few other teams more of a shot. While the top two teams have remained strong, could either falter in upcoming games? Will an unlikely team sneak into the top four ahead of the football playoffs? Here are the latest CFP rankings and a look at what's ahead.

Michigan out of top 4

As mentioned, the Wolverines fell in double overtime to their conference rivals, Ohio State. The game was certainly an entertaining one, but one in which Jim Harbaugh wishes his team came up with a winning result. Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes kept themselves among the top two in the nation. With just one loss, there's no surprise why they are the No. 2 team right now.

Despite it being a close loss, it caused Michigan to fall out of the top four. According to various sources including ESPN, Michigan still has a legitimate shot to get into the College Football Playoffs.

There's just a small bit of difference between them and the new No. 4 team.

Washington Huskies benefit

Due to Michigan's loss, it also meant that the Washington Huskies benefitted. They are now considered the No. 4 team in the CFP rankings. Washington sports a record of 11-1 on their season but has a big game looming. The Huskies will battle the No.

8 Colorado Buffaloes in the upcoming Pac-12 Championship game. Colorado (10-2) also still has a shot at the playoffs should they manage to win this huge game. Game time is set for 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday night.

Clemson still alive?

Despite being considered frauds as potential contenders by the likes of Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd, the Clemson Tigers are still part of the playoff conversation.

With a record of 11-1 on the season, the top ACC team is considered No. 3 right now.

On Saturday, Clemson will compete for the ACC Championship against the Virginia Tech Hokies. Game time is set for 8 p.m. Eastern Time in Orlando, Florida. A loss by the Tigers could once again shake up the playoff picture.

Alabama's next game

The Crimson Tide remain undefeated and still stand as No. 1 in the playoff rankings. They'll take on Florida in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday afternoon. Right now, the point spread favors Bama to win by a landslide margin of three touchdowns or more.

The official College Playoff Rankings for 2016 will be released on this coming Sunday, once all the big conference championship games have been played to show who is amongst the best of the best in the NCAA.